TL eliminate EG, to face Astralis at BLAST Premier Fall

TL eliminate EG, to face Astralis at BLAST Premier Fall

One more convincing victory.

Second match of the second day.

Team Liquid fell short against Team Vitality during the BLAST Premier Fall opener, but got a chance to redeem themselves and keep being in contention, as they were going against a freefalling Evil Geniuses lineup with two stand-ins in its roster.

Solid start for TL on Mirage got them a “7-1” lead, but EG fired back, reducing the deficit to just five rounds before halftime. That, however, was almost all the positivity, as despite the stolen USP-S round in the second half, Evil Geniuses got no chance to show anything, as Team Liquid ran away with the map, “16-6”. Switching to Vertigo, Evil Geniuses looked to shatter TL’s economy early, but did not expect a third straight buy out of TL, who used the economic lead to run over EG’s defence with a monstrous “12-3” half. Down but not out, EG tried to fight back on their own offence, but a balanced effort from the Team Liquid’s players was more than enough for “16-7” and a “2-0” series win.

Evil Geniuses will now return to North America, where they will prepare for IEM Fall in their full lineup, while Team Liquid are going to clash with Astralis for a spot at the BLAST Premier Fall Finals.