Torzsi: "I Need More Experience Playing At Lan Events - I Can't Play Them Well, and I'm Starting to Get Nervous"

MOUZ's sniper Adam torzsi Torzsas talked about what it's like to play in the first team, looking back on the last six months.

MOUZ made me happy with their team sports psychologist. The organization is excellent. My teammates help me. They are always there when I need something. I hope I will be on the team for a long time.
Sometimes it's hard to see [how my game is improving], there are black and white stripes, of course, but I still feel like I need to get more experience at LAN events. Sometimes I think they don't work for me, difficulties arise, and I get nervous. Sometimes all this happens. I need to fix it. A sports psychologist is helping me, so it's only a matter of time.
Adam torzsi Torzsas

Torzsi has been a member of MOUZ since January 2022, but he joined the club in May 2021, when he was recruited to MOUZ NXT.

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