Triumph win ESEA Summer 2021 Cash Cup 6

Triumph win ESEA Summer 2021 Cash Cup 6

CS:GO is still alive in North America

New champions emerge.

ESEA Cash Cup might not be played by the absolute top teams, but 6th edition of the event in North America featured teams like Extra Salt, which is in contention for being the best in the entire region.

Subbing back “floppy” for a map, as he was free from playing VALORANT, Extra Salt started strong in the first round, but unexpectedly dropped a best of three set to Triumph. Teams traded Inferno and Overpass to start the series, but despite strong effort on their defence, Extra Salt could not produce much in attack on Nuke, falling to the third place match.

JT”’s team secured third with relative ease, securing 2000 dollars, while Triumph and RBG clashed for the ultimate, 9 thousand prize. Blowouts on Inferno and Vertigo led both squads to Mirage, where Triumph stabilized on their defence in time to finish the series with a “2-1” map win, becoming the ESEA Cash Cup 6 winners.