TYLOO take the spot at Asia RMR

The Chinese team will take part in the RMR event.

Chinese open qualifier has come to a close with a predictable result.

TYLOO enter the RMR event
TYLOO enter the RMR event

TYLOO take the spot at PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Asia RMR after destroying every team in the Chinese open qualifier. The Chinese team didn’t lose a single map during the event. The second-best team of the qualifier were Steel Helmet, who nearly snatched the map from TYLOO in the open qualifier final, losing the second map of the standoff 16-14.

TYLOO are the second team to qualify for Asia RMR. Previously, Checkmate took the spot at the RMR event in the first open qualifier defeating Rare Atom in the finals. There are only two places at Asia RMR left.