Unique sign ex-100PG squad

Unique sign ex-100PG squad

Another roster move.

More transfers before the final stretch.

One of the team which surprised during the last CIS RMR was a 100PingGods stack, which nearly made it out to the semifinals. Despite that result and a couple of other solid stretches, where a team from Kazakhstan solidified them as a decent top-50 lineup, they’ve decided to search for a new organisation to support them.

The search did not last for too long, as the squad signed with Team Unique, a CIS-based multigaming organisation, seeking to return to the upper echelon of CS:GO, as their former lineup moved away to join ETHEREAL last year. It remains to be seen if a new roster is going to be able to qualify for the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, but the last months of 2021 can be very productive nonetheless.