Valve release the Major patch, stickers are in

Welcome to the Major season.

A long awaited big update.

Few days before the beginning of PGL Major Stockholm 2021, Valve released a new patch to CS:GO, introducing many of the beloved features and additions to the game and giving one more reason to the community to enjoy the first Major in two years.


First of all, there are new stickers. A big source of income for the organizations showed up in spades in this update, as all 24 teams have received theirs, however, it is not going to be the same with autographs. Those will be released only for the squads, which make playoffs, which makes it hard for the newcomers to obtain. Valve decided to come up with a different solution to that potential lack of funds, as they have announced that 50% of the Viewer Pass earnings will go straight to the participating organizations, making that pass a desirable purchase for many due to a Pick’Em game, team graffiti and other souvenirs.

In addition to that, Valve fixed the bugs with grenade dropping and different grenade abuses, which combined with a water bug fix allows the teams to go through the biggest tournament of the year without any issues in gameplay.