Valve Registered the trademarks "CS2" and "Counter Strike"

Valve Registered the trademarks "CS2" and "Counter Strike"

Is it a rebranding, update, or new game?

Valve has applied to register trademarks "CS2" and "Counter Strike" on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

In contrast to the previous and other games included in the list of patents in the past (Condition Zero, Global Offensive, and the original Counter-Strike), here, the game's name is written without a hyphen.

So far, what has happened tells us almost nothing about whether the version of CS on Source 2 will be a different game or CS:GO will be a format with a big patch and rebranded as "Counter Strike", but this is another confirmation that Valve is not sitting around, folded hands.


Significance of the event

Registering a trademark can be called a harbinger of the release of a game or a major update comparable to DLC. An important nuance is that even the application filing itself protects the rights to the trademark until it is accepted or rejected because the process can take months.

For example, Blizzard Entertainment patents its add-ons for World of Warcraft, and registration often takes place a week or a few days before its official announcement or release. The same Half-Life: Alyx brand appeared on the site a few days before releasing the project's announcement trailer.

Source: USPTO