, Gambit, and K23 Make It to the Final EPIC League CIS Playoffs, Gambit, and K23 Make It to the Final EPIC League CIS Playoffs

As the CIS RMR event ended, three teams secured the last spots for the Epic League CIS playoffs, respectively Gambit,, and K23.

After dealing with a lot of challenges during the CIS Regional Major Ranking event, several teams managed to advance further, preventing their early exit from the event. During the last day of the group stage, Gambit and were successful against Nemiga and ex-Marlian, which allowed them to secure their spots in the playoffs.

Despite losing against Spirit and NatusVincere, Gambit was successful in beating Akuma, Trident, and Nemiga, which pushed them further in the event. As for, fans were worrying about them as they dropped the series to forZe and Entropiq. However, winning against Trident, K23 and ex-Marlian allowed them to move further. K23 is also one of the teams that took one of the final spots for the playoffs, as they defeated Trident.

The playoffs are very exciting as will have to go against forZe and Gambit will have to face Entropiq. We can only wait and see who will succeed.

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