Will Perform Under Its Tag at CS:GO Tournaments From ESL and BLAST Will Perform Under Its Tag at CS:GO Tournaments From ESL and BLAST

The era of Outsiders is coming to an end. can perform under their tag at BLAST and ESL tournaments.

The organization reported that BLAST and ESL removed sanctions from the organization after an investigation into the management and relocation of the club. As a result, now the lineup will not need the Outsiders tag in the upcoming tournaments. is in the process of reintegration

The organization officially reported that the club is currently reintegrating into the tournaments of the largest tournament operators. If BLAST returned the tag to the team today, the Outsiders' name would disappear at ESL events on March 28, after ESL Pro League Season 17. Therefore, the Outsiders team will still perform in ESL Pro League.

How did VP return the tag?

The BLAST and ESL companies conducted an investigation, with the help of which they tried to prove that the club left the VK holding, which is connected to the Russian government. However, the tournament operators did not find a connection with the holding, which is why they removed the sanctions from the organization.

It is worth mentioning that the holding company sold the club for $3 million, which is much less than the actual value of the organization. However, at the moment, no claims can be made against the club, and the organization has successfully come out of sanctions. Many fans still question the club's position regarding Russia's invasion of Ukraine. But no longer has legal ties to Russia, as confirmed by ESL and BLAST, and the club no longer pays taxes to this state, so it cannot be said that the organization supports the war, at least financially.

How long performed without a tag?

Tournament operators banned from their tournaments on April 3, 2022, a little over a month after Russia invaded Ukraine. performed under the Outsiders tag at two Majors, and even won one of them - IEM Rio Major 2022.

Outsiders managed to win the Major
Outsiders managed to win the Major

It took the management less than a year to get the club out of sanctions. At first, the organization tried to play off the organization's transfer into the hands of a suddenly appeared Armenian investor. Still, legally it was such a weak move that none of the tournament operators, except Valve, even considered returning the tag. However, now the VP has settled all the legal issues.

The team will compete under the tag in the upcoming tournaments.