are the champions of ESL Challenger February get their first championship of the year.

ESL Challenger February has come to a close, and the champions have been decided.

Group stage results were surprising as there were no European teams to advance to the playoff. However, every American roster managed to qualify for this stage. Among three American teams, differed, and they had shown the best result. became the champions of ESL Challenger February became the champions of ESL Challenger February 

In the opening round of the playoff faced Complexity, and they were no match for the CIS team. Both maps were fully dominated by, and the clash ended quickly with a score of 2-0.

In the grand final, the CIS team met FURIA, who were also showing brilliant performance. However, they weren’t able to deliver against Both maps were finished quickly, and the champions were decided in less than 2 hours. achieved the championship and gained $50,000.