win CIS derby

Gambit are defeated by the underdog.

IEM Winter 2021 gave the viewers CIS derby, in which and Gambit met each other to fight for the playoff spot. ended Gambit's win streak ended Gambit's win streak

The first map was Dust 2 and it was picked by Both teams were competitive on this map. and Gambit were showing spectacular gameplay on the T side and that led to the overtime, where were stronger and finished this Dust with a score of 19-15.

The second map was Vertigo and both teams are traditionally strong on it. And it was proven in the game. seized an early advantage on the strong CT side. Gambit tried to come back and were near success but “bears” denied this attempt winning the map with a score of 16-14 and finishing the match.

Gambit fall to the lower bracket, while are waiting for the winner of the BIG vs GODSENT clash to battle for the spot in the semi-finals.