Team Vitality to add ex-Astralis members, go international

A potential star-studded lineup.

One more transfer bomb.

Neither Astralis or Team Vitality managed to advance to the semifinals at PGL Major Stockholm 2021, with the latter still seeking a playoff win at the Major events, but the subsequent news drop left no doubt that the upcoming season was going to be even more exciting.


With Astralis’s recent announcement of “k0nfig” and “blameF” joining the team, as well as “ave” taking the coaching reins in the Danish organization, it left “dupreeh”, “Magisk'' and “zonic” searching for the team with the likes of Ninjas in Pyjamas and FaZe Clan rumoured as their potential destinations. Instead, after Team Vitality’s loss in the quarterfinals, it turned out that the French organization is looking to go international, which frees up their recent addition “Kyojin”. as well as the team’s veteran “shox” and the head coach “XQTZZZ” for the Danes to join the likes of “apEX”, “ZywOo” and “misutaaa”.

While on paper the roster looks absolutely stacked, it still remains to be seen how they are going to deal with the language barrier in case the roster becomes reality, if “apEX”’s style of leading in-game is going to sit well with the Danes and if “zonic” can converge this lineup into what they aspire to be - the best in the world.