Team Vitality prevail over Bad News Bears, go "2-0" in Group A

Team Vitality prevail over Bad News Bears, go "2-0" in Group A

Still without a loss

Another win is in the bag.

Team Vitality and Bad News Bears faced off against each during the second day of ESL Pro League Season 14 and it was far from a done deal since the very first round.

Back and forth on Inferno, the French team looked to secure a massive defensive half, but a late surge by the North American squad saw the difference shrink only to three rounds. Trading early rounds after the switch paid off for Vitality, as a pair of clutches led them to a “16-9” map victory.

Overpass looked to be a similar story, as “apEX”’s crew instantly fired back after losing a pistol, but a revitalized Bad News Bears team ended up winning the half “9-6” courtesy of some mid plays. Second half, however, was a monstrous stomp, as a narrow pistol round victory turned out to be a “50-6” frag difference, as Team Vitality ran away with ten straight, taking the map and the entire series in their favour.

Next on the menu for Team Vitality is Heroic, who will face Team Spirit later tonight, while Bad News Bears are going to keep searching for the first map victory against Astralis.