Vitality move past Complexity at ESL Pro League Season 14

Vitality move past Complexity at ESL Pro League Season 14

French squad is back in the mix.

Another full set to close the day.

Shortly after NiP and mouz settled their debate, two new challengers appeared on the ESL Pro League Season 14 server. Team Vitality, reinvigorated after the player break faced Complexity Gaming, who despite fielding a stand-in, still made it to the playoffs.

A multitude of clutches allowed Vitality to run away with the first half on Vertigo, as they led 12-0” at some point, Complexity still managed to avoid the sweep, as the final score turned out to be “16-6”, but on Overpass it was an entirely different story. The international team’s defence got a “11-4” lead and despite late push by the French team, offence was enough to equalize the score after a “16-9”. Moving to MIrage, it was about Team Vitality once again, as they got another “12-3” lead, but this time Complexity Gaming made it much closer, getting to a “12-14” deficit. That was when the French unit was able to stop the potential comeback and close the set, “16-12”, “2-1.

Complexity Gaming will now go and prepare for the BLAST Premier Fall, where they are going to play with “coldzera”, while Team Vitality are going to clash with Gambit Esports in the ESL Pro League Season 14 quarterfinals.