Vitality crush Evil Geniuses in the opening match of group C at Blast

Vitality fulfilled their potential.

The matches of group C at Blast Premier Spring Groups have started, and the first team to enter the upper bracket final have been decided.

In the opening match, Vitality faced Evil Geniuses. Both teams have significantly changed the roster during the reshuffle.

Vitality start the season with the success
Vitality start the season with the success

Inferno was left over after the map veto, and Vitality started dominating from the beginning of the first. They didn’t leave any space for Evil Geniuses occupying the whole map. American team tried to counter Vitality but weren’t able to stop them, and the first half was finished with a score of 12-3 in favor of the European team. After the sides switched, the situation didn’t change, and Vitality quickly finished the game 16-3.

Vitality are preparing to face the winner of Faze vs Liquid clash, while Evil Geniuses are waiting for the loser of this standoff.