Vitality eliminate Astralis to face NaVi in the Grand final

Vitality win intense clash.

NaVi and Vitality will meet again in the Grand final
NaVi and Vitality will meet again in the Grand final

Blast Premier Fall Final 2021 gave viewers an exciting Consolidation final. Vitality faced Astralis to battle for the right to encounter NaVi in the Grand final.

The first map was Nuke and it was Astralis’ pick. Vitality aren’t good enough on this map at this tournament. Danish team showed their preparation and beat their opponent with a score of 16-12 on the first map.

Vitality picked Inferno and did their best to continue the match on the third map. Astralis fought back for a long time but it was not enough to beat the French opponent. Vitality finished their pick with a score of 16-11.

The third map promised to be intense and long but it didn’t meet the expectations. Vitality declassified their Danish opponent. They didn’t leave any room for Astralis and won the third map with a score of 16-7.

Vitality are preparing for the Grand final against NaVi while Astralis are leaving the tournament taking third place.