Vitality eliminate Gambit from IEM Winter 2021

Vitality advance to the semi-final.

The last quarter-final of IEM Winter 2021 has come to a close and another team has been eliminated. Gambit were beaten by Vitality.

Vitality continue to show their best shape
Vitality continue to show their best shape

Dust 2 was picked by Vitality and it was a disaster for the CIS team. Gambit couldn’t do anything to win some consecutive rounds and fell apart in the second half. The French team finished the first map with 16-5.

However, Vertigo picked by Gambit was quite the opposite. The CIS team was controlling the situation on the T side to smash their opponent in the second half and finish the map with a score of 16-9.

The first half of Mirage was dominated by Vitality but Gambit managed to come back and transfer the game to the overtime. However, Gambit didn’t have enough focus to win the match in the overtime and Vitality finished the last map with a score of 19-17.

Gambit are leaving IEM Winter 2021 while Vitality are preparing for to face them in the semi-final.