Vitality eliminated from Pinnacle Cup 3 by SKADE as quarterfinals conclude

Pinnacle Cup 3 brought a sensational result.

Pinnacle Cup 3 is progressing to the grand final, but even the quarterfinals were curious.

Amongst the teams taking part in the event are Vitality, ENCE, and Copenhagen Flames. The most surprising result was brought by Vitality standoff in the quarterfinals.

Vitality faced SKADE. The French team were clear favorites as their opponents didn’t have any experience in the tier-1 scene, while Vitality are the team with a tier-1 lineup.

Vitality lose to SKADE at Pinnacle Cup 3
Vitality lose to SKADE at Pinnacle Cup 3

SKADE picked Overpass and weren’t successful on the CT side. However, the Bulgarian team still won 6 rounds. After the sides switched, Vitality collapsed. SKADE were winning round after round and finished the map 16-13.

Vitality chose Nuke and didn’t manage to return to the game. SKADE dominated the first half finishing the CT side 11-4. Vitality tried to show resistance in the second half, but Bulgarians were unstoppable and won the map 16-10.

Vitality leave the tournament while SKADE are preparing to face Tricked.

The other curious standoff, ENCE vs Copenhagen Flames, ended with a victory for the Danes. CPH Flames are going to face Dignitas in the semifinal.