Vitality snatch a win from Spirit, finish second in Group A

Vitality snatch a win from Spirit, finish second in Group A

Taking victory from the jaws of defeat.

An impressive comeback to close out the day.

Team Vitality, who guaranteed themselves a second place finish in group A, faced off against Team Spirit, a very talented team which has underperformed once again, raising questions about the squad's future after the PGL Major Stockholm 2021.

A solid start on Dust 2 got Spirit ten rounds on their offence, which was more than enough to close the game before Vitality got to double digits, but Mirage was a completely different story. A monstrous map by “Kyojin” allowed Vitality to constantly take over rounds despite losing early battles and first picks, as Frenchmen equalized the score after a “16-4”.

Back and forth on Nuke, Spirit looked to be in control after taking a “13-10” lead on their defence, but that would not be a Team Spirit game without a dramatic finish. Team Vitality led by “ZywOo”’s 33 ftags pushed into the sites round after round, winning the map “16-13” and the series, “2-1”.

CIS team will now go and prepare for IEM Fall, where top-2 is going to be enough to net them a “Legends” status at the Major, while Team Vitality will look to make noise in EPL playoffs, as they will start in the Round of 12.