Vitality win over Astralis, advance to the upper final

The most intense match of Blast Premier Fall Final so far decides the second participant of the upper final.

Vitality did their best to win the series
Vitality did their best to win the series

The second day of Blast Premier Fall Final 2021 has come to a close and now we know both participants of the upper final. In the second upper semi-final, Vitality faced Astralis to advance further.

The first map was picked by Astralis and this Nuke was the longest map of the tournament so far. Vitality were able to win the map without overtime but the Danish team denied this attempt. However, it was not enough and the French team won the first map with a score of 22-18.

The second map was picked by Vitality. However, this Dust2 was fully dominated by Astralis in the first half. But early domination was not enough to execute the victory on the second map and the Danish team even needed to come back into the game to acquire the chance to win the series.

The third map was Inferno and it became another intense spectacle. The third comeback of this match was made by Vitality and it allowed them to continue the tournament in the upper bracket.

Vitality will face NaVi in the upper final, Astralis are waiting for the winner of the Faze vs BIG clash in the lower bracket.