Vitality win over FaZe at Blast Spring Groups

Vitality are unstoppable.

The upper bracket final of group C at Blast Premier Spring Groups has just been finished, and the first finalists have been unveiled.

FaZe faced Vitality just after their win over Liquid in the overtime. Previously, Vitality destroyed Evil Geniuses with a score of 16-3.

Vitality advance to the group final
Vitality advance to the group final

The third Inferno in group C started with the domination of FaZe, who didn’t leave any space for Vitality, winning round after round. As the result, the first half has been finished 12-3. However, Vitality came back after the sides switched and made it to the overtime. And the French team continued to win finishing the game 19-15.

Vitality proceed to the group final while FaZe are waiting for the winner of the Evil Geniuses vs Liquid clash in the lower bracket.