VP win Pinnacle Fall Series 1

VP win Pinnacle Fall Series 1

A solid victory in the solid event.

Last day of the very serious event.

Team Spirit and SKADE clashed in the first semifinal of the Pinnacle Fall Series 1, as the Bulgarian team jumped to a massive “13-2” lead at the break on Ancient. The CIS team did not tap out and managed to force a overtime with their own defensive efforts and then closed it in their favour with some offensive rounds in the overtime. Inferno and Mirage, however, were an entirely different story, as SKADE kept jumping to those “13-2” leads at halftime and won both maps, “16-9” and “16-7” respectively, advancing to the finals with a “2-1” victory.

“13-2” half kept being the story of the day, as Virtus,pro managed to steamroll FaZe Clan on their own pick of Mirage, “16-2”, but the international team evened things out on Inferno with a “16-8”. Great start on Dust2 for the CIS team gave them a “8-2” lead, but FaZe Clan equalized the score at “11-11” few minutes later. That was the moment for VP’s defence to be activated, however, as FaZe Clan’s offence had not scored another round, as world’s number five took the map, “16-11” and the series, “2-1”. Moving to the finals, SKADE led at the break on Overpass with a three round lead, but a couple of clutches by VP allowed the CIS team to come back and win the first map, “16-11. Another solid start for Virtus.pro on Dust2 gave them a “8-3” lead and while SKADE reduced the gap to only two, a massive blunder against an eco was the final nail in the coffin, as VP ran away with the map, “16-8” to win the series “2-0” and the entire Pinnacle Fall Series 1.

40000 dollars for the win should at least reinvigorate the CIS team during their preparation for the IEM Fall, while SKADE have one more open qualifier to keep their chances of making PGL Major Stockholm 2021.