W0nderful: "The Main Advice For Young Players Is to Play And Train More, Develop Their Game Skills And Mindset"

A video with questions to the team's new sniper Igor w0nderful Zhdanov was released on Spirit's YouTube channel.

There was a moment when I considered all kinds of proposals. At one point, OverDrive wrote to me and asked: "Do you want us to test you?". I answered: "Of course, yes." I went to the tests and was nervous, but they told me everything was fine. They just told me to show myself at my maximum performance level. This is probably the most important advice for young players: they need to play and train more and develop their game skills and mindset. [...]Perhaps I can praise myself for playing a lot, trying without interruption, even when I get bored. I understand that this is my future, and I need to develop as a person and player.
Igor w0nderful Zhdanov about getting into Spirit and his best qualities

Igor joined Spirit on June 21, replacing Abdul degster Hasanov, who left the team due he didn't want to move to Belgrade in a short time.