mouz NXT sweep fnatic Rising, advance to WePlay AL Season 2 LAN finals

Final match of the group stage.

Second group final.

Clashing in group B for the first time during WePlay Academy League Season 2 were the reigning champions from mouz NXT and fnatic Rising, who managed to advance to the final match of the group despite losing their opener.

Starting on Inferno, fnatic Rising looked to run away with the half, as they took the “6-1” lead, but a force buy victory kickstarted the mouz NXT’s run, as they finished with a “9-6” score in their favour. Another force buy, this time after a lost pistol pushed mouz NXT even closer to the finish line, as they took the first map, “16-9”. Back and forth on Nuke, teams were even for a majority of the map, despite mouz NXT being more successful in the eco and force buy round departments. fnatic Rising got to a “14-12” lead, looking to force a decider on Ancient, but mouz NXT secured four rounds in a row to finish the map in regulation, “16-14” and win the entire series, “2-0”.

Now fnatic Rising will look to advance to the second consecutive top-4 in the last chance playoff bracket, while mouz NXT are guaranteed to play in Kyiv in an attempt to defend their title from a season ago.