Young Ninjas win group A, to WePlay AL Season 2 LAN finals

A back and forth battle.

First of the group finals.

Facing each other one more time, Young Ninjas and NAVI Junior clashed for the first place in group A, which would directly send a winner to the LAN finals of WePlay Academy League Season 2.

Starting on Mirage, teams went back and forth in the first half with the CIS team leading by three, but the Swedes quickly equalized the score with a successful pistol round and a pair of conversions. That was all they could amass in the second half, however, as NAVI Junior locked down the sites and cruised to a “16-9” opening map victory. Moving to Inferno, teams traded blows until Young Ninjas managed to win consecutive rounds and lead by three at the break. NAVI Junior still managed to even get ahead in the beginning of the second half, but two more force buy victories for Young Ninjas forced a decider, “16-12”. On Overpass Young Ninjas started strong with a “7-1” lead”, but only managed to obtain a narrow lead before the switch. Seven more rounds in a row allowed the Swedish unit to play with match points and despite a NAVI Junior’s furious rally, the final score was “16-12” as Young Ninjas won the series, “2-1”.

NAVI Junior will now continue their path to the LAN finals in the last chance playoffs bracket, while Young Ninjas can play at the other events before travelling to Kyiv later this fall.