WolfY benched in ECSTATIC

The American AWPer decided to take a break from competitive CS.

ECSTATIC have to swiftly find a replacement for the benched AWPer.

Adam "WolfY" Andersson decided to take a small break from the competitive CS:GO, going to the bench in ECSTATIC. WolfY is one of the most important players on the team as he was showing a high rating in every match and helped the team to get to the tier-2 level.

WolfY decided to take step back 
WolfY decided to take step back 

However, at the beginning of 2022, WolfY started to have problems with the performance being on the bottom of the leaderboard. At this point, the American AWPer decided to take a step back.

Nexus player Adrian "XELLOW" Guță will stand in for WolfY in the upcoming matches. Although, ECSTATIC still need to find a permanent replacement.

Current ECSTATIC roster: Thomas "birdfromsky" Due-Frederiksen, Jakob "Daffu" Schildt, Marcus "maNkz" Kjeldsen, Dion "FASHR" Derksen, Adrian "XELLOW" Guță (stand-in), Adam "WolfY" Andersson (benched).

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