Young Ninjas Says Goodbye to Three Team Members

The Swedish Academy is updating the roster.

The NIP Academy has long been among the best youth teams in the world. At the last Academy League, the team took 5th-6th place. However, the academies' rosters must be constantly updated to improve results.

Ro1f leaves Young Ninjas
Ro1f leaves Young Ninjas

NIP today announced that Kalle Ro1f Johansson, Adrian 7EMPORARY Mehrare, and Fredrik slap Junbrant are leaving Young Ninjas. Slap, who did the head coach job, will move to a new project, and the players will leave the NIP youth system.

Unfortunately, Ro1f and 7EMPORARY couldn't show a decent performance in Young Ninjas. As a result, both players are rated 5.5, and NIP had to say goodbye to them.