SyrsoN Became the Best Player on the Roobet Cup's  Sixth Day

SyrsoN Became the Best Player on the Roobet Cup's Sixth Day

The BIG sniper helped his team make it to the semi-finals.

The first quarter-finals of the Roobet Cup 2022 have ended, two more teams have left the tournament, and now we can look at the detailed statistics and determine the day's leaders.

The best player on the tournament's sixth day was syrsoN. His rating in the match against Eternal Fire was 7.1. The BIG sniper finished the game with KD 69-51 and ADR 86. SyrsoN made 19 multi-kills. Two of them were quadruple kills. Also, the sniper often acted as a vital link at the beginning of the rounds. His indicator for open frags is 14. In open duels, the German lost only to woxic. His score in contests with woxic was 15-17. Also, syrsoN showed incredible accuracy, the best in the match. 31% of the German shots hit the target. Such accuracy becomes possible because syrsoN played AWP in every possible round. The sniper made 54 out of 69 kills with the AWP. Also, syrsoN did not forget about grenades. He blinded his opponents for 167 seconds. The total damage by the Germans was 7.3 thousand.

The closest pursuer of syrsoN was his teammate - tizian. Tizian finished the match against Eternal Fire with a rating of 6.7, which was also a significant contribution to the victory of BIG.

Also tizian showed the best shape gain. His figure in this match was 15%, which is the day's best result.

The best trio of the tournament by average rating are sh1ro, blameF, torzsi.

Today, the Roobet Cup 2022 quarter-finals will be completed, and two more teams will leave the tournament.