Zeus announces the revival of pro100 and the search for a CEO

Zeus announces the revival of pro100 and the search for a CEO

The legendary tag is close to being resurrected from the dead.

Former esports player and NAVI captain Daniil Zeus Teslenko announced the return of his club, pro100.

In the announcement, Teslenko also stated that he is searching for a CEO for the club who has experience in esports, motivation, and knowledge of industry trends.

Who could pro100 sign?

Perhaps the best decision would be to sign Iron Branch or lure the promising Ganginho away from there, and then add free agents from the pool of professional players in the Eastern European region. This option should not be financially burdensome, while at the same time it will have a good chance of success.

It is worth noting that pro100 closed in August 2020 due to unsatisfactory results and financial problems. The most famous player to have ever played for the Ukrainian club was YEKINDAR, who currently plays for Team Liquid, where he is one of the best players on the team.

Zeus stated that he does not want to limit himself to just a CS:GO roster, but also aims to enter other disciplines, without specifying which games.