Zonic On Vitality's Performance During BLAST: "We Should Consider This Tournament as a Success"

Team Vitality coach Danny zonic Sorensen commented regarding the team's results on BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022. He also shared his opinion regarding the team's overall shape.

Regarding performing on BLAST:

"This team was gathered to get trophies. We believe we can achieve this. The final against NAVI was very difficult, but we must consider the performance in this tournament as a success due to our past results. Hopefully, we will have more finals and trophies in the future."

About the team's shape:

"I can't say that we are still undergoing a period of adaptation. We need to do a lot of work to fix some issues. Rome was not built overnight. We have improved some aspects, but this is not enough. It is especially true for playing for CT on Inferno and Nuke. We need to spend more time on these maps."

Vitality loose to Natus Vincere in the BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022. The match ended with a score of 0:2 (8:16 on Mirage, 5:16 on Overpass). The team's next tournament will be IEM Cologne 2022.