AGF add Kristou, Nodios, move cajunb to IGL

AGF add Kristou, Nodios, move cajunb to IGL

Danish CS:GO keeps improving

A yet another set of changes in the Danish CS:GO.

This time it was not Astralis or Heroic involved, but AGF Esport, who decided to change the active lineup before the second half of the season, as first was filled with underperformance.

After falling out of top-100, AGF locked their sights on putting ex-Astralis superstar “cajunb” as their new in-game leader, the opportunity he was looking for a long time. In addition to “cajunb”, Scandinavian team added the likes of “Nodios”, who impressed during his stints with Copenhagen Flames and x6tence and “Kristou”, who was supposed to be a new North star before the organisation ceased its operations.

With “Cabbi” and “fr0slev” rounding out the lineup, AGF will look to rebound in 2021 and get closer to the top-50 or above, so there will be an opportunity to make a jump to the top echelon in 2022 and beyond.

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