Akuma decide to disband

The end of an era.

One more team bites the dust.

After a disappointing “0-5” performance at the IEM Fall CIS group stage, Akuma announced that their lineup is going to disband and not stick with the team.

Winning ESEA Advanced and placing third at the first CIS RMR event of the year did not end up moving team to the upper echelon, as multiple scandals and accusations around the squad did not disappear despite their solid run. Now, that the lineup got relegated from ESEA Premier despite its “2-0” start and placed last during the consecutive CIS RMR tournaments, Akuma decided to split up and look for other options.

Where the players are going to end up remains uncertain, but a possibility of moving to VALORANT seems nearly inevitable considering that most good teams have their lineups locked at least until the end of this Major cycle.