Astralis eliminate Entropiq after intense standoff at ESL Pro League

Astralis advance to the quarterfinal after close 2-1.

The second day of the first round of the playoff at ESL Pro League has started, and the first match ended.

Astralis faced Entropiq. Entropiq were successful in the group stage, while Astralis nearly left the event before the playoff.

Astralis take the win in a difficult standoff
Astralis take the win in a difficult standoff

The match started with Nuke picked by Astralis. Entropiq started the map with domination winning nine rounds on the CT side. After the sides switched, Astralis returned to the game, getting round after round, and managed to win the map 16-14.

Entropiq chose Vertigo. The first half was as close as the second, and the match was transferred into overtime. However, Astralis weren’t able to stop the CIS team, and the first series decided the winner. Entropiq won the second map 19-15.

The decider was Overpass, and Astralis seized an early advantage on the CT side. The first half ended 10-5 in favor of the Danish team. However, Entropiq made a comeback after the sides switched but didn’t manage to finish the game and lost the map 16-14.

Astralis advance to the quarterfinal to face FURIA, while Entropiq leave the event with 9-12th.