Astralis Tried to Justify the HUNDEN's Singing: It Turned Out to Be Unconvincing

Astralis Tried to Justify the HUNDEN's Singing: It Turned Out to Be Unconvincing

The club explained the signing of a new analyst.

The press service of Astralis tried to justify the signing of Nicolai HUNDEN Petersen, responding to complaints in a LinkedIn message.

We at Astralis have some clear values that we always seek to live up to. We have laid off employees who have broken the values, and we will do so again. It also includes deliberate abuse of an in-game bug but should it happen under our auspices. That said, it is also our human and fundamental position that no one should be punished beyond his (in this case) quarantine. <…> Fully fair, because everyone should have a chance when the "debt" is paid. The opposite simply will not live up to the set of values we belive in.
Astralis press service

What Happened?

Two days ago, Astralis signed HUNDEN for the position of chief analyst, which caused a stir in the community. As a result, the Danish coach has become one of the most scandalous figures on the professional scene in the last few years.

About a month ago, ESIC banned HUNDEN ahead of schedule, which also caused much discontent. However, who is HUNDEN, and what did he break?


What Did HUNDEN Do?

In a message that got into the network, Astralis mentions HUNDEN used a coaching bug. The coaching bug scandal was the main event of 2020 in CS:GO. Then more than 37 coaches were banned, which is a considerable number.

And we can agree with Astralis specifically on this issue. Any coach caught during the coaching bug use should have a second chance after the ban expires. However, this is not HUNDEN's only violation.

Astralis missed the most important claim against the Danish coach, about which ESIC also removed all information. In August 2021, HUNDEN worked as the head coach of Heroic and was going to move to Astralis at the end of the year. However, even before the transition, the coach violated one of the fundamental rules of ethics in esports, which concerns the transfer of confidential information.

HUNDEN was banned not only for a trainer bug use
HUNDEN was banned not only for a trainer bug use

HUNDEN then handed over the book of Heroic tactics to the team's main competitor in the region - Astralis. This happened before IEM Cologne 2021, which completely destroyed Heroic's chances of winning this event. And suppose the coach's bug is a frequent violation that can actually be forgiven after the expiration of the ban. But, transferring tactics to the other team is a criminal case because it violates the contract.

After the publication of this story, ESIC conducted an investigation and banned the coach for two years. However, at the beginning of December 2022, the Ethics Commission removed the ban from HUNDEN after he disputed the decision with the help of lawyers. At the same time, ESIC deleted information about this case from its archive.

And a month later, HUNDEN signed Astralis. FaZe's analyst Vyacheslav innersh1ne Britvin described the absurdity of the situation.

It's a disgrace, of course. You don't even have to choose words here.
Vyacheslav innersh1ne Britvin

How to Prevent Similar Situations?

Players, coaches, journalists, and everyone associated with professional Counter-Strike are outraged by the work of ESIC. But the situation with HUNDEN was the last straw, after which trust in the Ethics Commission disappeared completely. If anybody can completely cancel the punishment without specifying and disclosing any details, they don't have the right to issue a penalty decision.

CS:GO needs a new transparent Commission on Ethics, including players, coaches, and lawyers. Every decision must be transparent and supported by arguments, and only then can such a Commission be trusted. Currently, the stage is not immune to incidents similar to the situation with HUNDEN.