Ave leaves Astralis, trace to remain in main roster

Astralis announced coach changes.

Not long ago, Alexander "ave" Holdt was demoted to the academy team due to his ban at Valve events. However, today Astralis reported more changes to the coaching staff.

ave leaves Astralis
ave leaves Astralis

Astralis announced the signing of Andreas "MODDII" Fridh as a coach of the academy team. Ave has left Astralis after less than half of a year of working with the team. Martin "trace" Heldt, who temporarily replaced ave before the beginning of the RMR cycle, will stay with the main roster permanently.

Talking about the new coach, MODDII is a veteran who started his career in CS 1.6 and spend over a decade in a role of a player. He is experienced and one of the best options currently available. 32-year-old Swedish veteran will work with young talents and raise new players to join the main roster.