BLAST Announced the Locations Of the RMR Tournaments For the Paris Major

BLAST Announced the Locations Of the RMR Tournaments For the Paris Major

RMR will be held in three different locations.

BLAST has announced the locations where RMR tournaments will be held in different regions.

BLAST published the countries in which regional RMR tournaments will be held. Now teams from all over the world will not be gathered in one place but will play qualifying tournaments in their native regions. The European RMR will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The Asian RMR will be held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, and the American teams will play their RMR in Monterrey, Mexico.

What Is RMR?

RMR tournaments are the last stage before the Major. Based on the results of these events, teams from different regions will receive slots at the Paris Major. Quotas are different for each area.

After the IEM Rio Major 2022, the American region lost one spot in the Major because only two American teams made it to the Legends stage. The European region took their slot.

Distribution of slots by region:

  • Europe - 7 Legends, 7 Challengers, 3 Contenders
  • America - 1 Legends, 1 Challenger, 3 Contenders
  • Asia - 2 Contenders

The teams that received the Legends slots will enter the Legends stage directly, while the other teams will start the tournament from the very first stage.


Did BLAST Make the Right Decision?

All RMR tournaments were held in one place during the last two Majors. Before PGL Major Antwerp 2022, all teams came to Bucharest, where they played at different times. RMR for IEM Rio Major 2022 was held in Malta.

On the other hand, BLAST decided to simplify the clubs' tasks. Now the teams will not have to leave their regions to participate in the qualification, which is a great solution. It is especially beneficial for American teams.

Poor organizations can afford to come to RMR without problems if they pass open qualifications. In addition, most South American clubs have their training bases in Mexico, simplifying the task even more.

Now all teams will reach RMR without any problems
Now all teams will reach RMR without any problems

The same goes for the Asian teams, who had difficulty getting to Europe.

Therefore, the tournament operator made the right decision, and holding RMR in different regions is convenient for small clubs.

When Will the RMR Tournaments Be Held?

All RMR events will be held from April 3 to April 9.