broky, Perfecto, and Nertz made it to the Dream Team of the ESL Pro League S17

broky, Perfecto, and Nertz made it to the Dream Team of the ESL Pro League S17

The tournament from ESL that lasted over a month has come to an end. Its culmination was the grand final between FaZe and Cloud9, which allowed us to get answers to questions about who became the best in their role worldwide. We have assembled a top five of esports athletes who made it into the "dream team" of ESL Pro League Season 17.

MVP - ropz


The world's best lurker Robin ropz Kool did not disappoint at ESL Pro League and had an excellent event in terms of statistics, becoming a champion. His final rating was 6.8 (?), and he did not drop below 6.2 in any league match. Only Ax1le and sh1ro could come close to him in terms of impact, but they lost to the Estonian in the grand final.

Clutcher - Perfecto


NAVI exited the tournament in the semifinals, losing to FaZe, but Ilya Perfecto Zalutskiy reminded us of who the master of clutches is. He won 11 1v1 situations, one 1v2 clutch, and two 1v3 clutches. But the icing on the cake was his 1v4 clutch against Outsiders. Perfecto proved that he is one of the most important players in the team, even though his contribution may not be fully appreciated by the average viewer.

Open fragger - NertZ


Israeli player Guy NertZ Iluz joined ENCE just a month ago, and EPL S17 was his first tournament with the new team. But even in such a situation, he made a name for himself. Iluz turned out to be the open fragger the team was looking for - his opening kill rating for the tournament was 0.140. It will be interesting to see how he performs over the long term, but he has already earned his place in the "dream team."

Sniper - broky


Latvian Helvijs broky Saukants was neck and neck with Dmitry sh1ro Sokolov on his way to becoming the best sniper of the tournament, but doubts were dispelled by the grand final. Broky surpassed his counterpart from Cloud9 in AWP kills per round - 0,407.

Support - electroNic


NAVI's captain had a decent tournament in terms of kills, although his numbers are not as impressive as they were before he became captain. Nevertheless, he made it into our dream team not as a rifler-playmaker, but as a support. Denis electroNic Sharipov handled all kinds of grenades at a high level, but his Molotov average damage (3.06) allowed him to outperform almost all players at the tournament.


EPL S17 took place from February 22 to March 26 in Malta. The main prize of $200,000 and slots for IEM Cologne 2023 and BLAST World Final 2023 went to FaZe. You can check out the final tournament statistics on the tournament page.