Gambit, NAVI to IEM Fall CIS finals

Pre-tournament favourites advance to the finals.

Playoffs are already under way.

While all the Major participants have already been decided, the best teams in the world still had to play in the playoffs to find out the champion of IEM Fall CIS.

Team Spirit and INDE IRAE whiffed on the playoffs, but played a match for the 5th place at the event. Ancient went back and forth, ending with a Spirit’s win in the second overtime, “22-20”, while Mirage turned into a stomp with the favourites sweeping the first half and securing the “16-2” win on their way to the “2-0” win. Gambit Esports and Entropiq played a rather short match in the first semifinal, as the former’s offence demolished the latter’s defence for a “15-0” and then closed the “16-0” with a defuse on Mirage. Vertigo started better for Entropiq, as they won the first three rounds but then Gambit Esports went on a yet another rampant streak, winning their favourite map “16-4” and the entire series, “2-0”. Natus Vincere trailed “5-10” against on Inferno at the break, but took the lead at “12-10”. VP still managed to force overtime, but then lost in a bunch of advantageous situations, tapping out at “16-19”. NAVI looked to close it out on Mirage, as they led “10-5” after their offence and despite VP’s late rally, an eco win by Natus Vincere’ defence allowed them to secure the map, “16-12”, moving to the grand finals.

While Entropiq and will clash for the third place at the event, Gambit Esports and Natus Vincere are going to meet in the finals once again, this time at IEM Fall CIS.