Cover Is a New Platform for CS: GO Fans and Professional Esports Players

Cover Is a New Platform for CS: GO Fans and Professional Esports Players

Cover.GG Platform Is Launched.

The Incredible Growth of Esports

Over the past two decades, esports has transformed from entertainment for a small group of gamers into a global trend that has affected almost all fields of modern life. There is no person in the world today who has never heard of esports and esports competitions. According to analysts, the number of people involved in esports as of 2021 exceeded the 500 million mark.

CS: GO – Most Popular Esports Discipline

The Counter-Strike series has existed for over 20 years. During this period, interest in the game has not faded away but, on the contrary, has grown significantly. Millions of viewers around the world watch top CS: GO championships. Esports fans actively support their favorite teams by attending matches with their participation.

Where to Get Information About Esports and CS: GO?

We are also fans of esports and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive competitions, just like you. We were surprised by the fact that despite the popularity of esports globally, there was no single platform that would allow tracking all changes in the esports competition industry, receiving detailed statistics on all matches, tournaments, teams, and players. On the web, you can find many websites that cover traditional sports and provide the most detailed data on game statistics in football, hockey, basketball, or tennis. However, esports and CS: GO in particular were covered rather poorly. We decided to correct this unfortunate omission and launched a project called Cover.

 What Do We Offer CS: GO Fans?

We tried to collect in one place all the information that will be useful to those who follow the professional scene and are interested in the events taking place in the CS: GO world. Many efforts have been made to create our website as user-friendly and understandable as possible for everyone. We have systematized all the information into sections to quickly find the information you are interested in at any time.

Who Is Our Website For?

Our platform will be helpful for fans who want to receive esports news and follow the tournaments. In addition, it will be useful for pro gamers. An analysis of the statistics posted on our website will allow professional players and their coaches to conclude successful decisions and mistakes made in the past matches. In turn, this will provide an opportunity to make adjustments to team tactics. We are glad to implement a project that will please and benefit all CS: GO fans!

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