Degster Regarding Leaving Spirit: "It Was an Adult and Logical Decision"

Degster told more about parting his ways with Spirit.

Abdul degster Gasanov gave an interview to and provided more details about Spirit, his time in OG, and his future.

Degster does not consider leaving Spirit as a sad moment in his career. The player made this decision and mutually broke up with the club, and the organization supported the decision.

"It was an adult and logical decision. I talked to Team Spirit CEO Nikita Chukalin, and I always have great respect and love for him. When we decided to part ways by mutual agreement, he told me the following: "This is a very adult decision."

As previously reported, the reason was the inability to stay in Serbia for nine months a year.

Abdul talks strongly positively about his time spent at OG. The team treated him well, got used to his game style, and did everything to make him feel comfortable.

"Guys told me I could do whatever I wanted on the server when I arrived. They knew me well and understood what conditions I would be comfortable playing in. On the first day, we discussed the roles, and each got something - unfortunately, I cannot disclose more details. They told me: "Your role will be: do whatever you want, and we will adapt to you."

This approach paid off - OG took top 4 at BLAST Spring Finals.

For now, degster is looking for a European team and already discussing some options. Spirit does not restrict his free will in any way. The organization put him up for transfer and does not interfere with negotiations.

"I think the most exciting part will begin during the Player Break. Some people from international teams are already contacted me. At the moment, I'm discussing my transfer with a few clubs. But, all I can say now is that I'm more interested in offers from international teams. I believe now is the right moment to try my best there."

Spirit recently announced a $300,000 buyout price for the degster's contract.