Electronic: "I've Always Had the Idea of ​​Being a Captain One Day and Didn't Expect It to Happen So Soon"

The captain of Natus Vincere, Denis electroNic Sharipov, told how he took his current position in the team during an interview.

[First reaction to becoming the new captain]
At first, it was sad to realize that the previous roster, with which we went through a lot, was falling apart at that time. In the early days, I was gnawing at the thought of losing that same line-up. And then, I realized that I would need to become a captain. I realized I had a lot of work to become a worthy contender.

I always had the idea to become a captain one day and try this role or position in the game. I didn't imagine it would happen so soon.

[About sdy]

I would say that Vitya (sdy) is a good player who tries to analyze the game and has good aim. So he should continue to work, as well as every team member. And the more he works, the more he will use this experience and develop even faster.
Denis electroNic Sharipov

Today, July 8, NAVI will play in the upper bracket semi-finals of group A at IEM Cologne 2022 against NIP at 5:00 PM. We invite you to check the pre-match statistics here.

Source: HLTV