ENCE and Outsiders go to 1-0

Two more teams got their victories.

The first round of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Challengers Stage has ended, and there are no teams left with 0-0.

In the first match, the Outsiders faced MIBR.

And this Dust 2 was incredibly close. Both teams did not allow the opponent to get a series of rounds, so both halves ended with a score of 8-7. However, each time the Outsiders turned out to be a little stronger and won the match 16-14. The best player of the match was Qikert, who finished the match with KD 26-16 and ADR 79.

ENCE achieve their first victory
ENCE achieve their first victory

The second match of the pair was the confrontation between ENCE and 9z.

9z looked good in the first half of their first match at the major and were able to finish it with a score of 6-9. But after the sides switched, the South American team fell apart and ENCE won the match 16-7. Spinx showed an incredible level of performance, finishing the game with KD 30-8 and ADR 121.

Outsiders and ENCE go to 1-0, while MIBR and 9z wait for their match with one defeat on their record.