ENCE defeat Movistar Riders advancing to semifinal of ESL Pro League

The first quarterfinal has come to a close.

The third day of the ESL Pro League playoff has started, and the first match of the day concluded.

ENCE faced Movistar Riders. Previously, ENCE defeated fnatic in the first round of the playoff, while Movistar Riders advanced directly to the quarterfinals after the group stage.

ENCE go to the semifinals
ENCE go to the semifinals

The standoff started with Mirage, picked by ENCE. The map started with a competitive first half which ended 8-7 in favor of Movistar Riders. The second half was the same, and ENCE didn’t manage to make it to overtime. The Spanish team finished the map 16-14.

Movistar Riders picked Vertigo and collapsed on their pick. ENCE destroyed their opponents on the CT side and quickly finished the map after the sides switched. The map ended 16-2 in favor of the Finnish team.

The decider was Nuke, and ENCE continued their domination on that map. They won 10 rounds on the CT side. After the sides switched, Movistar Riders didn’t manage to win a single round. ENCE won the decider 16-5.

ENCE advance to the semifinal, while Movistar Riders take 5-8th and leave the event.