1WIN win ESEA Summer 2021 Cash Cup 6 Europe

1WIN win ESEA Summer 2021 Cash Cup 6 Europe

The best CIS team on the day

Event win is in the bag.

ESEA Summer 2021 Cash Cup 6 Europe featured four teams, representing CIS, as Akuma and 1WIN looked to be on a collision course for the event win, while okura and Trasko were viewed as potential spoilers.

The stunner, however, came in the very first game, as okura eliminated Akuma in two straight maps, not only taking Nuke on overtime, but pummeling the favourites on their signature Mirage, guaranteeing themselves at least a thousand dollars for the finals appearance. 1WIN did not make the same mistake, as they lost only fifteen rounds against Trasko, moving to the final match shortly after.

okura added another Nuke win to start the set, but 1WIN fired back on Vertigo and then secured enough rounds in the second half of Ancient to take the series “2-1”, 3000 dollars and a small title before the second half of the season.