ESEA Major League Player Charged for Fixed Match Organizing

Another scandal related to fixed games became public.

Match-fixing is a significant problem in today's professional scene. It is impossible to control low-level leagues due to their mass nature, so match-fixing is pretty common. However, such schemes sometimes get into the public field, as today.

Major league player ESEA brand posted footage of two players discussing a fixed match.Monstar tries to convince Abe alaNi Alani to give up the match for a cash reward on the record. The reward was $100. Monstar's main goal was to win the match to stay in the ESEA Major League.

ESEA stated that the match would still be played and that the data would then be sent to the tournament's top management and ESIC following this entry's publication. However, the match ended 8-16 in favor of Monstar's team. Monstar has not received any penalties, and he denies the allegations.