ESIC shared more information on coach bug investigation

3 coaches are going to mis PGL Major Antwerp 2022.

ESIC continues to investigate the coaching bug that stirred up the community in 2020.

ESIC continue their investigation
ESIC continue their investigation

As part of the investigation, ESIC found three variants of the coaching bug. The most common version was a static camera in a random place on the map. It was this variation that was noticed the very first. The second version of the bug is a third-person camera. And the most dangerous option turned out to be free roam on the map. This mode is available to observers, but in the hands of the coach, this opportunity turns into an unfair advantage. That is why the free camera was equated to cheating.

ESIC also stated that a total of 134 coaches encountered a bug. Of these, 84 faced a static camera, 47 faced a third-person camera, and three faced a free camera.

It is not yet known which coaches will miss the future Major, but it is already possible to guess that Luis "peacemaker" Tadeu is at risk, because Dexerto has already reported that the coach used a bug.