Europe RMR B starts with two sensational overtimes

G2 and Entropiq lose their first standoffs.

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR B has started, and two first matches brought unexpectable results.

Firstly, G2 faced Anonymo. G2 were clear favorites and were expected to win the match.

That Mirage was very close and and both halves ended 8-7 leading the game into overtime. However, Anonymo showed confident performance destroying G2 16-19 and going to 1-0 group.

Europe RMR B has started 
Europe RMR B has started 

Secondly, Bad News Eagles encountered Entropiq. The CIS team looked stronger before the start of the match. And they proved it in the first half, taking ten rounds on the CT side. However, Bad News Eagles made an amazing comeback transferring the game into overtime. And they continued to dominate, finishing the map 19-17.

Bad News Eagles and Anonymo go to 1-0, while G2 and Entropiq suffer from the failure in the first round.