FaZe Clan win against mousesports, boost their playoff chances at EPL S14

FaZe Clan win against mousesports, boost their playoff chances at EPL S14

An exciting match between two international teams.

Final match of the first day in the group.

Rounding out the day were FaZe Clan, who posted a top-4 finish at IEM Cologne 2021 right before the player break and mousesports, the winners of Flashpoint 3 and one of the dark horses to win the entire event.

Back and forth on Overpass, FaZe Clan were more clutch during the lesser buy rounds, as they managed to obtain a six round lead at “14-8”. mousesports, however, did not tap out and tied the game at “14-14”, but a late surge from FaZe Clan and a “1v1” clutch from “broky” in the last round of regulation were enough to get a win, “16-14”. Ancient pick, however, massively backfired, as mouz ran to a “12-3” lead at the half time and despite FaZe Clan’s best efforts to get back into the game, decider was forced after a “16-7”. mousesports were not able to snowball that defensive showdown into Inferno, as FaZe Clan’s offence picked them apart and did not allow to string two rounds together until mouz were “2-10” down. Back and forth to start the second half, teams fought for initiative, but it was once again a “karrigan”-led lineup, which got to a “15-5” and despite a “ropz” clutch in the following round, finished the map with a “16-8” score in their favour, winning the series, “2-1”.

In the second round FaZe Clan will once again end the day, this time against a reeling Evil Geniuses squad, while mousesports are going to face off against Natus Vincere, who won against Fnatic to open ESL Pro League Season 14 in group C.