Faze overcome Liquid to enter group C final

The European team came back after the defeat.

Blast Premier Spring Groups continues, and the consolidation final of group C has been finished.

Liquid faced FaZe after defeating Evil Geniuses in the first match of the lower bracket. Earlier, FaZe have lost to Vitality in the upper bracket final.

FaZe win another overtime
FaZe win another overtime

The fifth Inferno of group C started with the domination of Liquid. FaZe tried to stop the American team but weren’t able to win more than one round in a row. Liquid secured the first half with a score of 11-4. After the sides switched, FaZe started to look much more competitive, winning round after round not letting Liquid regain control of the game. Finally, FaZe won the match in overtime with a score of 19-17.

FaZe are preparing to face Vitality in the group C final, while Liquid are waiting to fight NAVI in the first round of the Knockout stage.