FaZe overcome Spirt and advance to grand final of PGL Major Antwerp 2022

The first semifinal has come to a close.

The third day of the PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Champions Stage has begun, and the first semifinal of the Major has come to an end.

In the first semifinal of PGL Major Antwerp 2022 FaZe faced Spirit.

FaZe are the first finalists
FaZe are the first finalists

The match started with Mirage, picked by FaZe. The European team showed dominant performance in the first half and won 10 rounds. Spirit returned to the game, but could not cope with FaZe and lost the map 16-13. On the second map, Spirit won 15 rounds, but the opponents were able to transfer the game into overtime. In overtime, Spirit were twice on the verge of winning, but in the third series, FaZe finished the map 25-23.

FaZe advance to the grand final, and Spirit leave the tournament, taking 3rd-4th place.